36. Trick or Treat

Gap-fill exercise

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Two girls were trick-or-treating on Halloween night when large group of teens attacked them, leaving both school seniors unconscious. One needed surgery to repair eye socket.

The victims were white, and their were black. Seven attackers were girls, and one an 18-year-old boy. The boy said that he not attack the girls; he tried to protect .

"So why were you swinging a skateboard?" asked witness. The boy said that he was swinging skateboard at the attackers, not the victims.

The added "hate crime" to the charge of assault racial slurs were made before the victims were .

The trial in Long Beach lasted almost four . All the attackers were found guilty, but not spent even a day in jail. The judge them to "house arrest" for a month. House meant that they had to sleep in their beds at home. The boy had to do hours of community service.

Law-abiding white and black were outraged at the light sentences. The two required hospital care, yet the thugs received a slap on the wrist. Concerned parents immediately created website for recalling the judge.