32. The Breakup

Gap-fill exercise

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Myra told Myron that they shouldn’t see each for a while. Her doctor had suggested that take a short vacation from her job and long vacation from Myron.

"What did you tell about me?" Myron asked.

She told her doctor she had dreams about Myron leaving her. She dreamed that he pushed her out of his in the middle of nowhere. She would be on the side of the road in the of the night, cold and scared, as the disappeared.

"What kind of dream is that?" Myron's was loud. “Do you think I would ever that to you?" She said that she didn’t .

"You don’t know?! Of course I wouldn’t do to you! I love you!"

Myra asked Myron lower his voice. She no longer believed that loved her. One day, feeling low and insecure, had told Myron that it would be nice get away for the weekend. Perhaps they could to a quiet resort in the mountains. He her that he was playing golf that Saturday. they could go to a resort another time. was astounded.

"I needed you that weekend. Instead, preferred to play golf. Now there is a on my heart that nothing can remove," she him sadly.