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16       17           


1. The ___s didn't like to pay a lot of money for college books.
4. The teacher wrote his own book to help the students save a ___ of money.
5. The students downloaded the book from the web site. Then they ___ed all 100 pages.
7. You don't need to understand English to do ___. To do ___, you need to understand numbers.
11. The teachers' books were a lot ___er than the more expensive college books.
14. ___s are the most expensive items a student needs to buy for school.
15. Students can go ___ to buy cheap used books at many different web sites.
16. After students graduate from high school, they have to pay for books in ___, too.
18. School books cost a lot of ___. They're not cheap.
19. The English teacher wrote his own book. It was one ___ pages.


1. Does a ___ college cost less than a big college?
2. A. Can you ___ students without using a book? B. Yes, but most ___ers use a book.
3. Books don't cost too much for rich students, but they cost too much for ___ students.
6. The English teacher had a good ___--he decided to write his own book.
8. The English ___ and the math ___ wrote their own books. Their books saved the students a lot of money.
9. A few students are rich, but a lot more students are ___.
10. The new book was online. The students went to the web site, ___ed the book, and then printed it.
12. Many students dislike ___ class because they don't like grammar or writing.
13. A small book has less than 50 ___s; a big book has hundreds of ___s.
16. A. Did the online book ___ anything? B. No, it was free. The only ___ was the ink to print it.
17. The teacher had a ___ idea. He wrote his own book. His book did not cost the students anything.