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1. Did he take a bus to the hotel? Did he walk? Did he take the subway? Did he ___ his car?
3. Was a bar of ___ in the ___ dish? Do you wash your hands with ___?
5. A toilet, a shower, and a sink are usually in a ___. Even the smallest hotel room has a ___.
8. Many people are afraid of ___s. Tiny ____s can make you ill. "___" is a popular word for "bacteria" or "viruses."
9. People carry a suitcase or ___ bag with them when they ___ from one place to another.
11. Is a motel or ___ germ-free? Does a motel or ___ have a lot of germs? How clean are the sheets in a motel or ___?
15. Some people prefer to use liquid soap in a closed container. They don't like ___ soap, because other people can touch the ___ and put their germs on it.
16. The ___ in the hotel took his money and gave him his room key.
17. Hotels used to have metal ___s. Now many hotels have card ___s--just slide the card to unlock the door to your room.
18. The ___s and blankets on your hotel room bed are used; they are not brand new.


1. The soap ___ in the bathroom was covered with dried soap.
2. Did he use his key to get into his hotel ___?
4. The ___s on his hotel room pillows were pink. He called housekeeping to get white ___s.
5. He took a towel out of his travel ___. His travel ___ also contained fresh sheets and other items.
6. How many items did he take ___ of his travel bag?
7. Did he ___ a pillow out of his travel bag?
10. After you ___ into a hotel, you can go to your room and ___ it out. If you don't like it, you can ___ out of the hotel and find a better one.
12. He checked the ___s in the bathroom to make sure they smelled fresh and didn't have any hair on them. He took a shower and dried himself with a fresh ___.
13. He looked at the towels that were hanging on the towel ___ in the bathroom.
14. Hotel room towels, sheets, and pillowcases should smell ___. If they smell sour, call housekeeping for ___ linens.