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3. There's a ___ in your home if you see an unusual amount of water or you see water in an unusual place.
4. If you have a leak, you might have to ___ a gasket because the original gasket is worn out.
8. Turn the ___ clockwise or counterclockwise to get more water or less water.
10. A ___ disposal in your kitchen sink is handy, because you don't have to scrape food scraps into the ___ can.
11. A. Why are you crying? Did your boyfriend dump you? B. No. I'm crying because I'm peeling an ___.
12. A couple of slices of ___ taste great on a BLT--a bacon, lettuce, and ___ sandwich.
16. Do most people eat ___ all year round, or just on Thanksgiving Day? Do you prefer the white meat or the dark meat?
18. Some doors say ___ to Open, and other doors say Pull to Open. Some doors say Exit Only.
19. A. Is the ___ full of dirty dishes? B. Yes, it is. When are you going to wash them?
20. A ___ of turkey, a ___ of tomato, a piece of lettuce, some mayonnaise, and two ___s of bread = a delicious sandwich!
21. Don't stand in front of the ___ while it's heating your lunch--you might get radiation in your body!


1. Put your bananas in the ___ to keep them fresh longer. (The ___ keeps everything fresh longer.)
2. ___ your vegetables and fruit carefully and thoroughly. Bacteria grow on them.
5. Wash the glasses, ___s, and utensils after dinner. Is there a difference between a dish and a ___?
6. Why is all this water on the kitchen ___? Get a mop and clean it up.
7. I don't want plain, uncooked bread. Please ___ it in the ___er.
9. Why is the faucet ___ping? Look at the water coming out, drop by drop.
13. A ___er is a kitchen appliance that cooks 2 to 4 slices of bread or bagels.
14. Did you drop the spoon down the garbage ___? Now the spoon is ruined.
15. Do most people say the ___ is their favorite part of the house because most people love to eat?
17. You don't need a sharp ___ to spread butter on hot toast. A dull butter ___ works just fine.