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1. You can borrow books, DVDs, and CDs from a ___. You can use computers, study, and even have meetings at a ___.
4. Don't ___ out something you want to keep.
7. If you return a book or DVD late, you will ___ the library some money.
9. A. Will anyone ever ___ that her library book was 30 years overdue? B. No, no one will ever ___. Except her!
10. A library book always has a due ___; you must return the book by that ___.
11. Did she ___ the book out of the trash can, or did she leave it in the trash can?
12. ___ my goodness, she thought. ___ my, she thought. ___, she thought.
14. How ___ money will you owe if you return a book 30 years late?
16. It wasn't a new library book. It was an ___ library book.
17. The library ___ was inside the front cover of the book. Was the due date on the library ___?
18. Oh my ___, she thought. This book is 30 years overdue.
20. Was the library card inside the ___ cover or the back cover of the book?


2. She was supposed to return the library book 30 years ___! She borrowed the book a long time ___.
3. It was an old library ___. It was an overdue library ___.
5. ___ much money would she owe the library for the overdue book?
6. She ___ed if she should return the book or not. She didn't want to pay the fine.
8. The book was in her ___. It wasn't in her attic.
11. I can just throw the book out, she ___. Why was she thinking that?
13. Did she throw the book into the ___ can? Did she take it out of the ___ can?
15. The library card was inside the front ___ of the book.
17. Was the trash ___ in her kitchen or her living room?
19. She looked at the ___ date on the library card. The ___ date was 30 years ago. She should have returned the book 30 years ago.