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1. Nobody can walk on the ___s because they're covered with snow. Everyone has to walk in the streets.
3. Did he use his ___ to remove the snow from his driveway and sidewalk?
5. ___s often close when there's a big snowstorm. All the students are happy.
6. In winter kids love to throw ___balls at each other after a big ___storm. Do kids love to shovel ___ off sidewalks?
7. Many soccer games end in a ___. Nobody wins, nobody loses. Everyone is unhappy.
8. The game ___ the two teams ended in a tie. Just ___ you and me, football is usually a boring game.
14. He shoveled the snow off his ___ so he could drive his car to work.
16. The Super Bowl is the biggest ___ game of the year. Millions of people watch it on TV.
17. Millions of people ___ on football games every year. People can win a lot if they make the right ___ on the right team.
18. The team had an excellent ___--10 wins and only 1 loss. Are there any football ___s in "The Guinness Book of ___s"?
19. The governor of the state used to be the ___ of a small city.


1. Global warming? Or global cooling? It ___s more and more every winter. Sometimes the ___drifts are ten feet high.
2. Students who are great football players in ___ school get scholarships to college.
3. If the final ___ is a tie, everyone goes home unhappy.
4. A. Did your favorite team win or ___ the championship game? B. It lost. I want to kill myself.
9. A. Does ___ in America watch the Super Bowl on Super Sunday? B. Of course not. Many people have better things to do.
10. Everyone loves a ___ner; no one loves a loser. The ___ning team went to Disney World; the losing team went to McDonald's.
11. The score at the end of the first half was 7 to 3. The ___ score was 17 to 13.
12. For most high schools and colleges, the football season ends in ___, the last month of the year.
13. The most popular football ___ in the world is the World Cup every 4 years.
15. Both mayors were ___ the game ended in a tie. They weren't un___, because neither mayor wanted to shovel snow.