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1. A. What is the ___ of the United States? B. That's easy. Washington, D.C.
4. You have to study hard to pass your ___ interview to become a U.S. citizen.
7. The ___ building in downtown Los Angeles is where people go for their citizenship interviews.
8. Did the first U.S. flag have 13 stars and 13 ___s?
12. Visitors have to go through security when they ___ the federal building (but not when they exit).
13. City hall is in ___ Los Angeles. It's not in West LA or East LA.
15. If you want to pass a test, you have to ___ for it.
17. She entered the federal ___ to go to her citizenship interview.
18. Each ___ on the U.S. flag represents a state. There are 50 ___s.
19. She entered the interview ___ and sat down for her interview.


2. A. How many stripes are on the U.S. flag? B. That's easy. There are ___ stripes.
3. The ___er asked Emma many questions during her citizenship ___.
4. Are red, white, and blue the three ___s of the U.S. flag?
5. She was ready for all the ___s that the interviewer would ask.
6. ___ Day in the U.S. is June 14. Many people fly their red, white, and blue ___s on that day.
9. A social ___ number is nine digits: 123-45-6789. There are two hyphens.
10. The citizenship test has 100 questions. Do you know all the ___s?
11. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your ___ security number.
14. Do you have a social security ___ or a tax ID ___?
16. A ___ is an exam. You must study for a difficult ___.