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2. He said the buzz was the same in his ___ ear and his right ear.
4. Do you hear a ringing sound ___ the time or just some of the time?
6. Would you ___ at that? I've never seen anything like that. Take another ___.
7. At first, I heard the buzz some of the ___. Then I heard it most of the ___. Now I hear it all the ___.
9. Take that pencil out of your ___. Do you want to lose your hearing?
13. What's that ___? It ___s like someone playing the drums.
15. You have a problem that can't be ___ed. You'll have to live with it.
16. ___ ear do you hear a buzz in--the left one or the right one?
17. I hear a buzz in ___ my ears--the left one AND the right one.
18. "___" is the name for a common ear problem. People with ___ hear a buzzing or ringing sound.


1. If you have a vision problem, go to an eye ___. If you have a hearing problem, go to an ear ___.
2. I can't fix your ear problem. You'll have to ___ with it. You'll have it the rest of your life.
3. He ___ the doctor that he heard a buzz in both ears. The doctor said he couldn't fix the buzz.
5. A. What does it sound ___? B. It sounds ___ a mosquito is in my ear.
8. A ___ is an insect that sucks your blood. It's like Dracula the vampire.
10. There isn't ___thing I can do for you. There isn't ___ cure for your problem.
11. Is it a ___ing sound? Does the ___ sound like a mosquito in your ear?
12. You have ___ called tinnitus. There isn't anything I can do for you. Nothing I can do will help you. Everything I try to do will fail.
14. Is your left ear or the ___ one causing you pain?
16. ___ is the name of this ear problem? ___ can you do for me? ___ caused the ear problem in the first place?
17. ___ Franklin was a great American. His picture is on $100 bills. Did he have a hearing problem?