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          13    14    
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1. She was ___ing because she was feeling lonely and sad.
4. When they met, they said ___ to each other. When they parted, they said goodbye to each other.
6. She didn't have any brothers or ___.
8. Both of her ___ live in China. They raised her in China.
10. I ___ you so much. You are my one and only true ___.
11. Don't stay in Los Angeles. You should ___ to New York now. Call a moving company.
12. I live in a big, ___ apartment. My heart is full of sadness.
15. She grabbed a tissue and blew her ___. Then she wiped her ___.
16. ___ is more important to you--your boss or your girlfriend?
17. When I come home, I want you here so you can ___ me with both of your arms.
18. You have your ___--your parents, your brothers, your sisters. Who do I have?
19. Is your boss more ___ to you than I am? Am I un___ to you?
20. I'm wearing lipstick on my lips, but I have nobody to ___. I need your hugs and ___es.


1. My parents are in ___. They live in Beijing.
2. He must work in LA until his ___ lets him start working in NY.
3. He has three ___ and four sisters. They all live in the South.
5. I feel so ___. I have no one to talk to at work or at home. I'm all by myself.
7. I don't want you to stay ___. I want you to come here right now.
9. I have a big, empty ___. I come home and say hello to the four walls of my ___.
11. He can't leave LA for another six ___s--not until June.
13. ___ ___ City is the greatest city in the world. But it's no fun if you feel lonely there.
14. Did she grab a tissue so that she could ___ her nose?