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8       9      10       
     11    12         
13    14              
      15     16       


2. She ___ed on Mrs. White's door. Mrs. White opened the door.
5. She ___ dressed. She put on lots of warm clothes.
6. It was ___ outside. She could see everyone's breath. Everyone wore gloves and caps.
8. In cold weather, you can see everyone's ___ as they ___e out.
11. Look ___ to see if it's raining or not. If it's raining, take your umbrella.
13. Wear a ___ over your sweater and you'll be warm outside.
15. You'll stay ___ outside if you wear a sweater and a heavy jacket.
17. When the weather is bad, just stay home. Don't leave your ___.
18. The coffee shop is just around the next ___. It's at the ___ of Lake and Colorado.
19. Put your ___ on before you go outside. Your ___ will keep your head warm.
20. After she got out of bed, she got ___. She put on warm clothes because it was cold outside.


1. My ___ aunt sent me a warm sweater for Christmas. She is such a ___.
3. She left one store and she walked into the ___ store. She was looking for gloves.
4. Would you like a ___ of coffee or a ___ of hot chocolate?
5. She lost one of her ___s. Her left hand was cold. She put it in her pocket.
7. She got ___ed. It was too cold to wear a ___ outside, so she wore long pants.
9. It was freezing cold outside, so she drank two cups of ___ chocolate.
10. A. ___, John. How are you? B. ___, Mary. I'm fine, thank you.
12. ___ you so much for buying me that cup of hot chocolate. It was delicious.
14. Nothing tastes better on a cold day than a cup of hot ___.
16. ___. Brown is married to Mr. Brown. They have been married 10 years.