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 13    14    15          


3. Did she pick up the sand and ___ it? I will ___ the Frisbee, and you will catch it.
5. This was the first time she saw the sandy ___. The ___ is next to the ocean.
7. Was this the first time she saw the ___ beach? Does a ___ beach have lots of sand?
9. Her ___ got wet when she stood in the water. He put the socks on his ___.
10. The water ___ed her feet. He ___ed his face with his hands.
11. Did she ___ the sand in her hands? Did her dad ___ her hand?
13. ___ took Beth to the ocean. Mom stayed at home.
16. Did Dad take Beth to the ___? The Pacific ___ is the biggest ___ in the world.
17. Did she ___ holes in the sand and then fill up the holes? You can ___ holes with your hands or a shovel.
18. She ___ down and picked up some wet sand. The old man with a bad back was ___ over.


1. Did Dad sit down ___ to her? Who is ___ in line?
2. This was her first ___ to the ocean. You should ___ your dentist regularly.
4. Dad carried her to the edge of the ___. The ocean is full of salty ___.
6. She dug ___s in the sand and then filled up the ___s. There is a ___ in my sock.
8. She picked up the sand and then ___ped the sand out of her hands. I ___ped the glass and it broke.
9. She dug holes in the sand and then ___ed up the holes. He ___ed the cup with fresh coffee.
11. She held the sand in both of her ___s. Your fingers are part of your ___s.
12. She dug holes in the ___ at the ___y beach.
14. Did Dad sit ___ next to her? Stand up, sit ___.
15. Her feet got ___ when she stood in the water. Dry your ___ hands with this towel.