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2. The mole on her face wasn't huge; it was about the same ___ as a pencil eraser.
4. She asked her mom to cut off the mole with a ___. Her dad shaved every day with a ___.
5. The mole wasn't a square. It wasn't a triangle. It was a dark brown ___ on her cheek.
6. The mole was an ugly brown ___ on her cheek. It was like a speed ___ on the road.
9. ___ looked at her mole. No one could ignore her mole.
11. She tried to ___ the mole into her cheek so it would disappear.
12. She ___ed her mole with her finger every day.
14. Every time she looked in the mirror, she saw the mole on her ___.
16. The mole on her face was on her ___ cheek.
18. Her mom said maybe the ___ could cut off the mole.
19. She touched her mole every ___.
20. The mole was about the size of a pencil ___.


1. Was the mole on her left ___ or her right ___?
2. She tried to ___ the mole away when she washed her face.
3. She touched the mole with her ___ and pressed down on it with her ___.
7. The mole on her left cheek wasn't far from her ___.
8. Some people call a ___ a "beauty spot." She thought her ___ was ugly.
10. She ___d her mole. She would love for it to disappear.
11. Was her mole about the size of a ___ eraser?
13. She hated to look at her mole. She thought it was so ___.
15. She asked her ___ to cut off the mole with a razor.
17. The mole on her left cheek wasn't ___ away from her mouth.
18. The color of the mole was ___ brown. It wasn't light brown or medium brown.