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1. She gave money to the ___, and the ___ gave her a receipt.
3. He ___ the antenna back to Best Buy.
4. ___ is a popular electronics store. You can buy TVs and computers at ___.
7. I don't like that antenna. Give me the ___ one.
11. He ___ed the antenna to the store and got his money back.
12. He ___ to Best Buy to buy a new antenna.
13. Best Buy sells the best products at the best ___s.
15. Many people love to watch ___ after they eat dinner.
16. An ___ antenna does not provide good reception. An outdoor antenna is much better.
17. One ___ of the antenna goes into the TV, and the other ___ plugs into the wall socket.
20. Homes have ___ sockets on almost every ___ in almost every room.


1. If you have ___ TV, you can watch hundreds of channels.
2. There is at least one TV in almost every ___ in America.
5. A ___ goes around the Earth. Many people have ___ TV; many people have cable TV.
6. Plug the electric cord into the wall ___.
8. A. I want to return this antenna. B. Sure. Do you ___ your receipt?
9. An indoor antenna does not get very good ___.
10. An outdoor ___ gets much better reception than an indoor ___.
13. Your TV will work after you ___ it into the wall socket.
14. New TVs are packed in cardboard ___.
18. People get tired of their old TVs. They go shopping for a ___ TV.
19. Brian had an ___ antenna. He went to Best Buy to buy a new antenna.