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1. The ___ gauge says we're almost empty; we'd better stop at the next ___ station and fill up.
3. The ___ of California runs north and south along the Pacific Ocean.
6. People in Los Angeles can ___ to many different places in half a day or much less: Mexico, Las Vegas, San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean beaches, the mountains, and Big Bear Lake.
7. A good ___ helps people find where they want to go. AAA gives its customers excellent ___s for free.
10. He turned on the car heater because she said she wasn't ___ enough.
13. Let's just ___ to drive until we find a nice empty beach. Then we'll pull over and get out.
14. He opened the ___ of his Cadillac and put their gear inside.
15. It was ___ that morning so he rolled up his window and turned on the car heater.
16. You can keep driving ___ until you hit the Pacific Ocean; then you have to use a boat if you want to continue going ___.
17. The ___ that is farthest west in the continental US (the "lower 48") is Ozette, Washington.
21. There are about 115,000 gas ___s in the US. Many of them also sell food, drinks, and other items.
22. Unless there is a storm, the ocean ___s at Santa Monica beach are not very big.
23. She was ___ing from the cold, so he gave her his jacket.


2. The ___s were sitting on their boards in the ocean waiting for a big wave.
4. The five ___s (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Southern) cover about 70% of the Earth's surface
5. His car was on empty. He pulled into the next gas station and filled up his ___.
7. If you live in Los Angeles County, it's a short hike or drive to go up into the ___s.
8. Blue ___s look like huge ocean fish, but they are mammals. They have to surface in order to breathe.
9. He put a 6-___ of soda into the portable cooler and then covered the soda with ice.
10. It was hot and sunny in Pasadena, but it was cold and ___ at the beach in Santa Monica.
11. --Does it ___ if we go to the beach or the mountains? --No, it doesn't ___ a bit. I love both of them.
12. She put extra clothes for both of them in a small ___, and he put the ___ into the trunk of the car.
18. In the summer, many people ignore the big trash cans at all the ocean ___es. Instead, they just leave their trash in the sand.
19. A surfer without a surf___ is like a golfer without a golf club.
20. It's a very dangerous two-___ highway in the mountains, especially on the weekends.