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   16         17        
18         19           


2. She worried that her car wouldn't start and she would be ___ in a bad area late at night.
5. She took a ___ out of the closet and hung her blouse on it.
7. ___ is expensive for drivers in downtown areas. During the week, there are no cheap ___ lots.
8. She bought some new ___ so she would look nice for her job interview.
9. Her ___ didn't give her a raise, but he did give her the afternoon off.
13. She was a ___ in a nice restaurant; the customers gave her nice tips.
14. She ___ed her slacks and put them into the dresser drawer.
15. Her clothes were lying on the ___. She picked them up and hung them in the closet.
16. Her ___ told her to leave the car with him, and he would try to fix it the next day.
18. She ___ had any spare time; she was almost always busy.
19. A good benefit that came with her job was the ___ parking.
20. She turned the ___ in the ignition, but her car engine didn't start.


1. She was ___ because it was late at night and she was alone in a bad neighborhood.
3. She turned the key ___ more, but still the car didn't start.
4. ___s are extra (but necessary) money for waitresses, busboys, pizza deliverers, and others.
5. Her mom taught her to always ___ her clothes up--don't leave them on the floor.
6. Many clothing store customers go into the ___ room, try on new clothes, and leave the clothes they don't want on the floor.
10. She didn't want to ___ a day of work, because that would cost her money.
11. She needed her car to ___ to both of her jobs.
12. Ross Dress for Less is a popular ___ store in this country. It sells clothes and shoes for men and women.
13. She ___ed if her car was going to start or not.
14. Most people are ___, but some people are rude, mean, and un___.
17. ___s are important workers in stores, but they don't get paid much.
19. Her mechanic told her he would look at her car and try to ___ it the next day.