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1. The spare tire and jack are in the ___ of a car.
3. He ___ his hands after changing the flat tire.
5. He ___ up the car so he could remove the flat tire.
6. He found a ___ in the tire; the ___ had caused the flat tire.
8. He used the lug nut ___ to loosen the lug nuts.
10. A ___ is usually a round piece of metal or plastic that fits on the center of a car's wheel.
11. He couldn't see a nail, but he thought that a nail ___ caused the flat tire.
13. He had a ___ tire, but then he discovered that he had no air in his spare tire.
16. He wondered what was ___ with his car; then he saw the flat tire.
17. Most cars have four ___s plus a spare ___ in the trunk.
18. Most cars have four lug ___s that attach a tire to a car.
19. He looked at the two front tires, and then he looked at the two ___ tires.
20. His ___ were dirty after he changed the flat tires.


1. He ___ something was wrong, but he wasn't sure what the problem was.
2. After removing the lug nuts, he ___ed the tire off the car.
4. He hoped that the ___ tire in the trunk had plenty of air in it.
7. His car was in the carport. After changing the tire, he went upstairs to his ___ to wash his hands.
9. It took him about 20 minutes to ___ the flat tire.
11. He ___ the flat tire , along with the jack and the wrench, into the trunk.
12. After he tightened the lug nuts on the spare tire, he ___ the car to the ground with the jack.
14. He put the four ___ nuts in the hubcap so he wouldn't lose them.
15. After he put the flat tire, jack, and wrench into the trunk, he ___ it.
17. He ___ off all four lug nuts and put them into the hubcap.