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1. Your bathroom sink has two handles--one for ___ water, one for hot water.
4. Aim, Aquafresh, Crest, Colgate, and Pepsodent are popular brands of ___ (for brushing your teeth).
6. People have 32 ___--16 upper ___, and 16 lower ___. (Cats have 30; dogs have 42.)
7. Most people use cold ___ to brush their teeth.
12. Some people brush their ___ teeth first, and then their lower teeth. Some people brush the right side first, and then the left side.
13. Teach your children to ___ out the toothpaste. It's not healthy to swallow it.
15. Most people use a cup or a toothbrush ___ to store their toothbrush.
17. The ___ often you brush your teeth, the healthier your teeth and gums will be.
19. You can't get toothpaste out of the tube unless you ___ the tube.
20. ___ the handle tightly so no water leaks out of the faucet.


1. I keep a ___ in my bathroom so I can put water in it and rinse my mouth after I brush.
2. A good electric ___, such as Oral-B or Sonicare, costs more than $100. (It's cheaper to brush the old-fashioned way.)
3. Open your ___ wide and say, 'Ahh.' --Popular doctor/dentist command.
5. I need to buy ___ dental flossers and ___ more toothpaste.
7. She ___ed into the bathroom to brush and floss her teeth.
8. She ___ the toothbrush out of the toothbrush holder and picked up the tube of toothpaste.
9. She ___d her mouth out with some warm water after brushing her teeth.
10. She took the ___ off the tube of toothpaste.
11. Most people keep their toothbrush in the ___. Bob keeps his toothbrush in his kitchen, so he can brush right after washing the dishes.
14. ___ your hair with a hair___ and your teeth with a tooth___.
16. You have two ___ wisdom teeth and two upper wisdom teeth. (And be happy if they don't need pulling!)
18. Toothpaste and gel toothpaste are sold in ___s; they are more popular than tooth powder, which is sold in boxes, cans, or jars.