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   16         17       
   18            19    


3. The waitress showed the hungry ___s to a corner table.
6. This discount ___ is not good if combined with any other ___s.
7. The TV ___r ___d that Denny's was giving a free breakfast to all.
9. The Grand ___ is a big, delicious breakfast served at Denny's.
10. The winning football team ___ the losing team by 10 points.
12. The ___ Bowl is the biggest football event of the year.
13. Hot ___s with syrup are a delicious breakfast food.
14. Everyone ___ed into the store as soon as the doors opened.
15. If you're going to catch some fish, you should get up before ___. (The early fisherman catches the fish.)
18. Diners like to have a big ___ when they go to all-you-can-eat restaurants.
20. When you're starving to death, even a dry cracker is ___.
21. A ___ Slam is a big breakfast at Denny's. It's also a home run in baseball.


1. Millions of football fans watch the Super ___ every year.
2. The fisherman got up at the ___ of dawn to go fishing.
4. People like to eat eggs with ham, bacon, or ___ for breakfast.
5. A popular ___ is usually crowded for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
8. The most popular football ___ of the year is the Super Bowl.
11. McDonald's and Burger King are the two most ___ fast-food restaurants in the world.
12. McDonald's has ___d billions of hamburgers all over the world.
16. For breakfast I'll have coffee, orange juice, and ___ and eggs.
17. Two people were in line in front of me, and four people were ___ me.
19. I don't have enough ___ in my wallet; I'll have to pay with my credit card.