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1. There is so much ___ in this night club that we can't even hear ourselves talk.
3. The ___ said that the cause of the fire was unknown, but maybe lightning started the fire.
6. Everyone in the building ___ that the firemen were heroes for putting out the fire.
7. A ___ saved is a ___ earned. (Save 100, and you save a dollar.)
8. I ___ that I put the campfire completely out, but it started burning again.
12. The woods are dry and will ___ on fire very easily if lightning strikes.
13. There is not much ___ on this road because it is a private road. Few vehicles use it.
15. The fire department uses ___ to put out most fires.
16. Thousands of ___s of water come out of a fire hydrant every minute.
17. Your ___ will be safer if you have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in every room.


2. The firemen used hoses to ___ water everywhere.
3. A big ___ in the woods will not stop burning unless it rains or planes drop lots of fire retardant.
4. I got my money's ___ out of this water truck. I paid $10,000 for it, but it saved my house.
5. Arsonists start ___ fires in cities and in the woods.
7. We were having a noisy birthday ___ when someone said that they smelled a lot of smoke.
8. A water ___ full of water can be valuable in putting out a neighborhood fire.
9. He used the water truck to save his ___ home and the homes of five of his neighbors.
10. The president on a dollar bill is ___ Washington.
11. Your ___s will help you if your house catches on fire.
14. Firemen are very ___; they run into burning buildings to save people and animals.
15. The ___ were on fire; thousands of acres of trees and bushes were burning.