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    12      13        
    14   15           
  16        17        
 18         19    20      


4. A ___ has a long tail, climbs trees, and eats bananas.
5. A monkey can ___ a tree faster than you eat a banana.
7. When kids learn how to ___, they ___ the number of trees and birds that they see.
9. My stomach ___s so much. It is so painful.
11. The bird nest is ___; I guess the chicks grew up and flew away.
12. I'm very ___. I think I will take a short nap on the sofa.
14. I will brush my teeth ___ I eat dinner.
17. Did you see that apple fall out of the apple ___?
18. Don't ___ about the weather; just wear the proper clothing.
21. An ___ is someone who is at least 18 (or 21) years old.


1. It takes just ___s for a monkey to climb a tree.
2. Birds build ___s for their chicks in trees or in buildings.
3. The ___ you climb, the further you might fall.
6. Do you see those ___ in that tree? They visit that tree every spring.
8. Children should ___ their parents and do what their parents tell them to do.
10. I ___ to the bathroom, but my stomach still hurts.
13. Sometimes I think my son is ___ monkey; he climbs into all the trees in the park.
15. Don't climb up that tree; I don't want you to ___ and hurt yourself.
16. If you ___ down from high up in a tree, you might get dizzy.
19. I need to take a short ___; I am so sleepy.
20. Why do kids like to climb trees? Because climbing trees is ___!