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1. Women put ___stick on their ___s to make their mouths more beautiful.
3. Revlon is a popular ___ of makeup for women.
6. Park your car in the ___ lot at the corner of Main and Grand streets.
7. The USA is ___ of Canada; the USA is north of Mexico.
9. Don't use that parking ___; the attendants will steal stuff out of your car.
10. Pasadena City College is on ___ Boulevard just east of Hill Avenue.
13. When I got to my house, I parked my car in my ___ so I could wash it.
14. Let me have a dish of vanilla ice cream with a red ___ or two on top.
17. He ___ from 34th Street to 59th Street. It was a long walk, so he sat down on a bench in the park.
18. The seats in this ___ of the arena closest to the players are $200 each.


2. Many people bring ___ forks, spoons, and knives to a picnic. Then they throw away the used ones.
4. Walgreen's is a popular ___ in the US. You can buy prescription drugs there.
5. ___ is a very popular color for girls, and blue is popular for boys.
8. Look in the ___ to see how old and fat you are getting.
9. She put cherry red ___ on her lips to make them pretty.
10. Women use many different ___s to paint their fingernails and toenails; sometimes they even use the ___ black.
11. I paid the ___, and she gave me my change and the receipt.
12. Sixth ___ in New York City is also called ___ of the Americas.
13. The theater was so ___ that the manager used his flashlight.
15. On the weekend, she likes to drive her ___ on the winding roads into the mountains.
16. I ___ a cold last week, but I don't know where I ___ or whom I ___ it from.