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        9       10    
   13      14          
15    16          17   18      


2. She lives on the 8th ___ of a 20-story apartment building.
4. Everyone got ___ when the preacher started to talk.
7. The man was angry when he saw his damaged car; he yelled and ___d at the driver of the other car.
8. I'm not very ___; I'm just going to order some French fries. I'll eat a big meal later.
9. Babe Ruth ___ for the New York Yankees most of his baseball career.
11. Does anything smell or taste more ___ than fresh-baked bread?
13. The strike by the ___ truck workers was terrible; thousands of smelly bags of trash were all over the city.
17. Just ___ this little metal tie around the bag of apples so nothing falls out.
19. If you complain ___ and often, someone will hear you and maybe fix your problem.
20. Many Americans eat three ___ a day. (And sometimes they snack between ___.)


1. Four ___ ago I was 60 ___ old; now I'm 64.
3. Parents teach their children to ___ them: "Do as I say."
5. I can't ___ which flavor I want--chocolate or vanilla? Maybe I'll have both!
6. New York City is full of shoppers who go ___ every day. Shoppers carry ___ bags full of food and other items.
7. All the fans ___ed when the player scored the goal to win the game.
10. Rinse all the soap off the glasses and ___ after you wash them.
12. She fell down the stairs; the ___ broke her ankle.
14. He drove ___ from the accident as fast as he could.
15. She ___ped the man in the face after he said she was fat.
16. New York City subways are crowded at rush hour, but there is no ___ing or shoving. Almost everyone is polite.
18. Last ___ I was in New York; those seven days went by very fast.