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  12     13    14        15     16   
     17           18     
20             21        
 24            25        


2. A good ___ uses the right tools to fix cars.
5. You should change your ___; you've got a coffee stain on it.
6. When you eat take-out food, you usually drink out of ___ cups and eat with ___ utensils off a ___ plate.
8. ___s in the army fight wars and keep the peace.
9. If you own wash and ___ clothes, you don't need to iron them.
11. Some women buy a new ___ every summer so they'll be in fashion at the beach, lake, or pool.
14. The ___ gave the patient in the hospital room a shot in his arm.
15. Men are usually ___er, heavier, stronger, and faster than women (but not smarter).
17. A ___ has a dangerous job; sometimes the roof collapses in a fire and kills a ___.
19. "You can run, but you can't ___."
20. The ___ of the fast food restaurant told one worker to go clean both restrooms.
22. Buy some rain ___ soon, before you ruin your shoes walking around in wet weather.
23. I can't fit into my blue ___ anymore. I'll have to buy a pair with a larger waist.
25. I'll have a ham___, a cheese___, fries, and a large Coke.
26. You'd better buy a nice warm ___ for winter; your sweater won't keep you warm.


1. The ___ of the small plane saw the helicopter too late; eight people died.
3. Domino's, Little Caesar's, and Pizza ___ make millions of delicious pizzas every year.
4. Don't start painting until you put on some ___s; you don't want to get paint on your clothes or your skin.
6. They make ___s wear black and white striped uniforms in case they escape from jail.
7. The head ___ at the restaurant trains all the new cooks.
10. You can't come to work in a dirty ___; people don't like to order food from someone who has mustard and ketchup on their ___.
12. ___s are popular in a circus because they make people laugh, but sometimes they scare little kids.
13. There are many ___ jobs in this world; if you don't like your job, you can often switch to a ___ one.
16. If you go to the beach, swim in an area that has a ___ sitting in a ___ stand. You'll be safer there.
18. You wear a neck___ with a business suit.
21. A ___ wears a big hat, rides a horse, and rounds up cows.
24. A ___ will protect your head from too much sun.