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11           12        
            13    14   
15            16       
    17    18           


2. Smokers often die from lung ___.
4. I think a ___ is coming--look at that big dark cloud in the sky.
6. Please don't leave me--I don't want to be all ___ by myself.
7. Don't pull the ___ on that gun or you might hurt someone.
8. Even intelligent people can say and do ___ things.
10. The ___ is blowing hard--I think a storm is coming.
11. There is no ___ to the problems you will have as you go through life.
12. Small children sometimes ___ out of a window and survive the ___.
13. It's against the ___ to smoke in many restaurants.
15. If you have a good product with a good price, you will have many ___s.
18. ___s are getting more and more expensive; some smokers have to pay $9 a pack.
20. Some swimmers ___ because they get too far away from shore.
21. Please move your cup of coffee away from the ___ of the table--it might fall off.


1. Thousands of ___s from cancer and heart disease occur daily all over the world.
3. Some students ___ on tests; that is a dishonest thing to do.
4. Be careful when you take a shower--many people ___ and fall in the tub.
5. Almost 50% of ___s end in divorce.
9. A horse can ___ a wagon.
11. She was ___ because her wedding was only a few hours away.
14. Surfers love to ride big ocean ___s.
16. Most students think that grammar is ___; they don't find it interesting at all.
17. Don't point a ___ at someone unless you plan to shoot them.
18. The drunk driver crashed through the guard rail and went over the steep ___.
19. Use your legs to lift a heavy ___; don't use your back.