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 16       17          


1. There are hundreds of air___s in the sky above us every day.
5. A ___ on a plane pays more than a ___ on a bus or train.
6. I hate my job. I'm ___ and tired of going to work every day.
7. Hold on! Wait a ___. I'll be right there, just give me a moment.
8. Turn your ___ upside down and it will be a smile.
9. I'm leaving for the airport now, because I don't want to miss my ___.
12. A dog learns to recognize the ___ of its name when you call its name.
14. My car is 20 years ___, but it runs fine.
15. Greenland, Iceland, and England are ___s, surrounded by ocean water.
16. --I have a ___ idea--let's go to the beach. --That's a great idea!
17. The ___ graduated from medical school ten years ago.


2. The ___ graduated from nursing school four years ago.
3. You must take your ___ every six hours. Take it for one week, and you'll be well again.
4. My car is not running right. The "Check ___" light is on. I must take my car to my mechanic.
5. ___ pass the salt. Thank you.
8. If I fall down, it isn't ___. But if you fall down, it's ___--it makes me laugh.
10. My ___ wants a divorce; he's in love with another woman.
11. I think I spelled that word ___; let me check my dictionary.
13. The ___ landed the plane safely in the Hudson River and no one got hurt.
14. Hey! Wait for me! I'm going with you. I'll be right ___.