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1. --Did you ___ fish? --Yes, I caught 3 fish.
3. If you draw a ball, you will draw a ___.
6. The beach is full of ___. You can make ___ castles at the beach.
7. Some people have ___ earrings. Some people have ___ teeth.
8. Let me have more chocolate cake. It is so ___!
9. Open the ___ of pickles so I can put a pickle on my sandwich.
11. Can I take a ___ out of your sandwich? It looks so tasty.
14. He put the ___ on the hook. Worms are ___.
15. You can't catch a fish without a sharp ___.
16. King Kong is a ___ gorilla. He is so big!
17. The fish that she caught is still alive. It is swimming in that ___ of water.
18. Some baby fish are so ___ that they are hard to see.
19. Earth___s are easy to dig up and to use as bait when you go fishing.


2. I am ___d; show me how to tie this knot again, please.
4. Some fishermen simply use a long bamboo stick as a ___.
5. If you go to the deep part of a ___, you might catch a huge fish.
10. After it rains, sometimes you will see a colorful ___ in the sky.
12. Salmon, tuna, catfish, and ___ are different kinds of fish.
13. Just ___ the worm on the hook, and then ___ the hook in the water. You'll catch a fish.
14. If you can't sleep on your side or back, try sleeping on your ___.