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       13     14     
  15    16           


1. Many old movies are in ___ and white. Today, most movies are in color.
4. You have to use both ___s when you wash your ___s.
5. These dishes are ___. Soak them in the sink, and then clean them.
6. I can't tell you where the cabin is, but I can ___ you if you follow me.
8. Old men have long ear hairs and ___ hairs.
10. Wash your hands with ___ and water.
12. Don't ___ if someone falls; it's not funny.
14. Will you ___ some sunscreen on my back, please? I don't want to get a sunburn.
15. Many people enjoy reading the ___ every day.
17. My printer runs out of ___ too fast. I have to buy new ___ cartridges.


1. Can I have a little ___ of your candy? Just a tiny ___ will do.
2. After you ___ your room, you can go outside and play with your friends.
3. ___ your mouth out with some water after you brush your teeth.
4. Excuse me, do you ___ the time? I don't ___ a watch.
7. ___ your clothes in the ___ing machine, and then dry them in the dryer.
9. It was ___ when he fell down; I laughed, but I shouldn't have.
11. What do you see when you look in the ___? You see yourself, of course.
12. I'm sorry. I ate a ___ bit of your cake. I hope you don't mind.
13. I can't eat this whole candy ___. Would you like some of it?
16. What do you ___ to do? Do you ___ to go to the beach or the park?