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5    6               
9          10         
    11     12    13       14   
  17     18            


2. The pot is ___ of hot water; be careful when you carry it.
5. Where did my money go? It is a ___ to me.
7. ___ promised you that life would be easy.
9. The doctor told the ___ to give the patient a shot.
10. I will give this letter to the ___ so I don't have to take it to the post office.
13. ___or Thomas Edison ___ed the light bulb. That was a great ___ion.
15. Men and women are similar in many ways, but also ___ in many ways.
18. ___, you got here! What happened? What took you so long to get here?
19. Most new ___s come with the Microsoft Vista.
20. If you're looking for ___ about anything, just Google it on your computer!


1. The War Between the States (1861-1865) was between the Blue (North) and the ___ (South).
3. The head ___ knows where all the information and books are in the library.
4. --___ is the ocean blue? --Because I think it reflects the blue sky.
6. An island is ___ed by water. The happy children ___ed Santa.
8. --Do you ___ this man? --No, I don't ___ that man. I've never seen him before.
11. ___ is like a box of chocolates. ___ is for living. I've known my parents my whole ___.
12. Don't be a ___r; come visit me more often.
14. We are all students, and we are all ___s.
16. Look into my ___ and you will see I am not afraid.
17. Please pick up that ___ paper bag on the white floor.