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 14         15        


5. "Titanic" is a very popular ___. Everyone loves to watch it.
6. Children, teens, adults, and old folks are ___. Animals and plants are not ___.
7. If you feel ___, you should find a friend to talk to and be with.
9. My ___ is one year younger than my father.
10. I'm sorry, what did you ___? I didn't hear you.
12. George Washington ___ told a lie. He always told the truth.
13. What ___ of milk do you want--whole milk, low-fat, or nonfat?
16. Don't be ___. Always be brave.
17. You're driving the ___ way. You should go the other way.
18. It was a funny movie. I ___ed out loud many times.


1. You should ___ for your picture--say "Cheese."
2. I like to watch sports, news, and the weather on ___.
3. ___. My name is Bob. What's your name?
4. You shouldn't run ___ you might fall and hurt yourself.
6. I like her because she is very ___. She always says Please and Thank You.
8. I won't be lonely anymore if I can find a ___ to talk to. I want to have a good ___. Good ___s have fun together.
9. I don't need your help. I can tie my shoes by ___.
11. Has ___ seen my keys? I can't find my keys. Will everyone help me find them?
14. I got a ___ing ticket because I ___ed my car too far from the curb.
15. --We lost the basketball game because of you. --Don't blame me. It wasn't my ___ we lost.