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1. I'm so thirsty I could ___ a gallon of water.
7. An ___ is a grown-up, but sometimes ___s act like kids.
8. How ___ people are in your family? How ___ brothers do you have?
10. A ___ is similar to a corporation; it sells a product. The Coca-Cola ___.
11. When you grow up, you need a job. You hope that someone will ___ you to work.
15. I like my ___. I work for a big school. I am a teacher.
16. --What ___ do you live on? --I live on Lake ___, near Pine Drive.
18. --What ___ do you live in? --I live in ___ 3A. It's on the third floor.
19. I like to drink my ___ with sugar and cream in it.


2. You can buy a house or ___ an apartment.
3. My wife and I have 3 ___s--2 boys and 1 girl.
4. A can of cold ___ is delicious on a hot day. Would you like a Coke or a Root Beer?
5. Many people pray in ___ on Sunday.
6. --Will it rain tonight? --I don't know. ___ it will, ___ it won't.
9. If the economy gets worse, my company might ___ off 100 workers.
11. The President lives in the White ___. I live in a red ___.
12. A ___-__ is an adult. When you grow up, you will be a ___-__.
13. I'm not hungry, but I am ___. Do you have anything to drink?
14. After I brush my teeth, I'm going straight to ___. I'm very tired.
17. Some people add salt to their food to make it ___ better.