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  10             11   
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1. Do you want a bowl of hot tomato ___ or chicken ___?
4. A peanut butter and ___ sandwich is delicious and easy to make.
5. Don't let the dog lick food off your ___. The dog has his own dish.
6. --Did you ___ the TV news last night? --No, I listened to the radio news.
8. ___ tastes good on popcorn, warm bread, and baked potatoes.
10. Open the doors and ___s; it's hot in here!
12. The car won't ___. Maybe the battery is dead. I'll have to take the bus.
13. Kids love to eat ___ butter and jelly sandwiches.
15. Would you ___ some more coffee into my cup, please?
16. That was a delicious ___; you are a great cook.


1. A ham and cheese ___. A peanut butter and jelly ___.
2. People put many of their plants into ___s. A coffee___. A tea___.
3. Cut the pie into 10 ___s. Then give me a ___ to eat.
5. Please ___ the knife in the drawer. I don't want the children to see the knife.
7. I'm so ___. I didn't eat breakfast or lunch.
8. Pour the tomato soup from the pot into the ___. Then put a spoon in the ___.
9. Let's sit down at the ___ so we can eat.
11. The ___ is where mom cooks dinner.
12. I'll heat the pot of soup on the ___, not in the microwave.
14. She ___ some spices to the pot of soup, because she wanted more flavor.