Click on a number in the grid, and you'll see a sentence. Type in the word, and click on "Enter". If you don't know the word, click on "Hint".
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1. ___ fall off a tree in the fall.
3. There are white ___s in the blue sky.
4. The ___ is blue in the daytime and black at nighttime.
5. White clouds mean sunny weather. ___ clouds mean rainy weather.
6. Squirrels ___ up and down trees.
7. The wind ___s the leaves on the trees.
9. Squirrels and birds live in ___s.
11. The ___ blows hard on a ___y day.
12. She drives her car. She ___s her car. She gets out of her car.


1. She ___s at the squirrel. She ___s at the dark clouds. It ___s like rain.
2. ___s collect nuts and live in trees. ___s have bushy tails.
4. I live at 223 Main ___. Main ___ is near First Avenue.
7. A ___ box holds more stuff than a little box.
8. One man, two men. One ___, two women.
10. ___ makes the streets and ground wet. ___ comes from clouds.