Click on a number in the grid, and you'll see a sentence. Type in the word, and click on "Enter". If you don't know the word, click on "Hint".
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1. His mom ___s Stop. He listens to his mom. He stops.
2. A ___ is a long, orange vegetable. Rabbits like ___s.
4. He hits the plate ___ his fork.
6. My water is in my glass. My food is on my ___.
8. I eat soup with a ___.
11. He cuts meat with a knife. He eats meat with a ___.


1. The car ___s. The car goes.
3. He ___s the baseball with the bat.
5. He has a red book. The red book is ___ book.
7. He ___s at the carrot. He hits the carrot.
9. He ___s up his spoon. He hits the carrot.
10. His dad and ___ love him.