Dictionary 13. A Hot Hike

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13. A: Let's stop for a while. I need a break and some water.
B: This trail is hard to climb.
A: Especially on a hot day like this.
B: I can't believe we haven't seen any animals.
A: Thank goodness! I don't want to see any wild animals.
B: All we've seen so far is a couple of lizards.
A: We're hiking to lose weight, not to see goats and bears.
B: I bet I've lost a couple of pounds already.
A: All you've lost is some sweat!
B: I haven't even lost one pound of fat?
A: If you want to lose fat, you've got to do this hike every day.
B: Okay, but let's hike in town. At least there are cats and dogs to see. 1.4


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