77. Walk the Dog

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77. "Tommy, the dog is scratching at the door," his mom yelled. "Take him for a walk. Make sure you take a plastic bag with you." Tommy said he didn't hear the dog scratching. He said the dog did not need to go for a walk. He said there were no plastic bags in the house. His mom said, "Take the dog for a walk right now, please." Tommy got the dog leash, a plastic bag, and a little plastic shovel. "How can I finish my homework when I have to walk the dog?" he asked his mom. "You can finish your homework when you get back," his mom said. He put the leash around the dog's neck and walked outside. It was cold outside. The dog walked to a tree. It pooped. Tommy put the poop into the plastic bag. "Yuck!" he said. "This is worse than doing homework." 1.7

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