Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.
1     2    3    4      5     
6               7   
11      12            
     13     14        
   16         17      


4. You don't need a ___ knife to slice butter; a dull one will do the job.
6. Take two ___ for your headache and go straight to bed.
8. Which came first--the chicken or the ___?
10. A ___ is a bird that makes holes in trees with its sharp beak.
11. Oh, no! My brand ___ car has a dent in it.
12. I have a splitting ___; I took two aspirin, but my whole head still hurts.
13. The tree fell over, and its ___ crushed a car.
16. ___ cannot take care of themselves; they depend on their parents.
18. A forest is full of ___--until they chop down all the ___.
19. You can do something the easy way, or you can do it the ___ way.


1. A hen ___s an egg almost every day.
2. If you drive too fast, you might ___ another car or even a tree trunk.
3. Bob and Mary are so ___. He is friendly, but she is shy; he is fat, but she is thin.
5. If you ___ for bad times, you will survive them. If you don't ___, you will be sorry.
7. Are you for or are you ___ saving the environment?
9. All those ___s in the trunk of that tree were made by a woodpecker.
14. Little baby birds spend their time in a ___ before they fly away.
15. Mama bird sits on her eggs until they ___.
17. Turtles and birds are different, but they all have ___s.