Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.
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  9    10      11        
  12    13            
      15     16       


1. The ___ answer or the wrong answer. Anthony told his daddy that he was ___.
2. His parents came ___ into the room a little later.
4. He asked his dad, "Why do you have to talk to ___?"
6. He said he wanted a little brother for ___. A little brother would be a nice ___ present.
9. Did his parents come back into the room a little ___?
11. Mommy said, "Well, I'll have to talk to your ___."
13. His parents came back into the room a ___ later. Anthony wanted a ___ brother.
14. Anthony ___ed, "Can I have a little brother for Christmas?"
17. A baby wears ___s. Mom changes the baby's ___s.
18. A. ___ do you have to talk to Daddy? B. Because.
19. Who's going to pay the ___ in the hospital?


1. They walked out of the ___ and then they walked back into the ___.
3. March, ___, May, June. ___ showers bring May flowers.
5. ___'s Day is the second Sunday in May. Father's Day is the third Sunday in June.
6. The baby is crying. Maybe it's time to ___ his diapers.
7. Can I ___ a little brother for Christmas?
8. Anthony wanted a little ___ for Christmas; he didn't want a little sister.
10. Mommy said she had to ___ to Daddy.
12. Mommy talked to ___ about a little brother for Anthony.
15. We ___ Daddy to pay the doctor. We ___ to change the baby's diapers.
16. A. What do you ___ for Christmas? B. I ___ a little brother.
18. A. ___'s going to pay the doctor? B. Daddy's going to pay the doctor.