Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.
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  4        5     6    
 7     8           
9        10     11      
      15   16        


1. Put the cap back on ___ when you finish using the marker. Don't put it just partly back on.
5. He's a bright boy; he's very ___. He scores 100% on all his tests.
7. ___ people always want more than they need. Be a generous person, not a ___ person.
11. I bet that you can't eat just one potato ___ or just one peanut.
12. The soccer fans ___ed and cheered when their team scored.
14. Here comes the ___ truck to empty our ___ cans.
15. That's a ___ bracelet you have. It reflects the sunlight.
17. I forgot my lunch. Will you ___ half of your sandwich with me?
18. French fries are made from fresh ___es.
19. ___ all the trash into the garbage can.


2. You are so ___. Why don't you ever work? All you do is sit on your butt.
3. What a ___ treat! It tasted so delicious!
4. ___s are big black birds that are very smart and bold.
6. A ___ is a brown bird with a red breast. ___ is Batman's partner.
8. She almost stepped over the ___ of the cliff. She would have fallen to her death.
9. The crow has an injured ___ and cannot fly until its ___ heals.
10. A mosquito ___, a fly ___, and an airplane ___. But a snake crawls.
11. Where is the garbage ___? I need to throw this food out.
13. Some people like to eat chicken ___s, some like chicken wings, and some like chicken legs.
16. A kangaroo and a rabbit ___ around. A dog and a cat walk around. A bird flies around.