Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.
 2         3       
5         6        
7      8        9    10   
12           13      
         15   16     


2. ___ at the door? I heard someone knock on the door.
3. I don't ___ if you live or die, because you don't ___ about me.
5. I can't write with this ___ until I sharpen it in the ___ sharpener.
6. The Yankees ___ last night's baseball game; they always win night games.
7. You can't ___ the top of the Empire State Building on a rainy day.
8. He is not lucky in love; he has been ___ and divorced three times.
12. The Clippers are the worst team in basketball; they have ___ more games than they have ever won.
13. Let me call you back; I can't ___ you right now because I'm on the subway. It's very noisy.
14. A wife who is a good ___ has a happy (and maybe fat) husband.
15. I don't ___ how to spell or pronounce that word--where's my dictionary?
17. I don't want to go there ___--it costs too much and it isn't fun. Next weekend let's go someplace else.
18. We first ___ in the pizza restaurant on Third Street; it was love at first sight.
19. I ___ to go to baseball games; they are so much fun!


1. How much do I ___? I think I ___ about 165 pounds.
2. ___'s the exit? This store is so big I can't find my way out.
3. ___ and sewing are two valuable skills that men and women should have.
4. A cork naturally ___s. It will ___ forever, I think.
7. Do you ___ that? I think someone is grilling hamburgers. They ___ delicious!
9. Do you know today's ___--is it June second or third?
10. May I ___ your pencil for a second, please? I'll give it right back.
11. I was ___ the late night TV news when I fell sound asleep.
16. I'm sorry, but I already forgot your last ___. Could you tell me again?