Click on each number in the grid to complete the crossword, then click on "Check" to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on "Hint" to get a free letter.
    2      3        
  4       5         
6    7       8         
          9    10    
     11      12       
 13         14        
    15    16          


4. Breakfast is a ___. Lunch is a ___. Dinner is a ___. A delicious ___.
5. Don't ___ the glass; it will break. A rain___. A tear___.
6. Lost and ___. I lost my keys, but I ___ them the next day.
8. A pea___. A wal___. A pecan is a ___. I'm ___s about ___s.
9. Rock the ___, because she is crying. My ___ girl is 6 months old. I love you, ___.
11. Tiger ___ is a golfer. Bears live in the ___s. The cabin is in the ___.
13. The angry bear ___ed at the dog. The angry dog ___ed at the bear.
14. I'm ___, and I'm thirsty, too. I'm so ___ I could eat a horse. Let's eat; I'm ___.
16. A brown ___ lives in the woods. A black ___ lives in the woods. A grizzly ___ lives in the woods.
17. Listen to your daddy and your ___. Your ___ loves you. Your ___ is the daughter of your grandma.
18. You must ___ the law. You should ___ your parents; do what they tell you to do.


1. I'm sleepy; I'm going to take a short ___. Young kids and old people take afternoon ___s. Some people snore when they ___.
2. He is a ___ worker. Work ___ and you will succeed. Life is ___. A rock is ___; a pillow is soft.
3. A bear sleeps in a tree or on the ___. Dogs sleep on the ___. People sleep in beds.
6. My stomach is ___; I can't eat another bite. My cup is not ___; please fill it up.
7. What do you mean? I do not ___ you. I do not ___ what you are saying. I am confused.
10. A straw___ is delicious. A black___ is delicious. A blue___ is delicious. They are all delicious fruit.
11. I missed the bus, so I will ___ home. Take a ___ in the woods. ___, don't run.
12. A ___ lives in a tree and eats nuts. ___s have big tails and eat nuts.
15. Lie, ___, lain. He ___ down in bed after he ate dinner.