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  3        4    5     
    8          9   
12          13    14     


2. Setting the table and clearing the table are dinner ___s.
4. You will get ___ dessert tonight if you set the table. You will get two scoops of ice cream instead of just one scoop.
6. Everyone eats dinner when it's dinner ___. Dinner ___ is usually about 6 p.m.
8. We watch TV in the living ___. We eat dinner in the dining ___.
10. If you play with the dog, you and the dog are having ___.
11. Mark likes to ___ his bike. He ___s his bike to school.
12. Lisa was playing with the ___ in the living room. The ___ was barking.
15. Mark was ___ riding his bike. He was not inside the house.
16. ___ the table before dinner. Clear the table after dinner.
17. Most people eat 3 meals a day--breakfast, lunch, and ___ (or supper).


1. People do a lot of shopping the ___ before Christmas. That ___ is a busy 7 days.
2. When dinner is over, I will ___ the table and put the dishes in the sink.
3. They went into the ___ room after dinner to watch TV.
5. Everyone sat down at the ___ to eat dinner.
7. A. What's for dinner ___? B. Last night we had chicken. ___ we will have beef.
9. A. What's for ___ tonight? B. Tonight we will have chocolate ice cream for ___.
10. It's not my week to ___ the dog. I fed the dog last week.
13. He can't ride his ___ until he fixes the flat tire on his ___.
14. He's very happy. He asked her to marry him. She said ___.