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1. "Teen" is a short word for ___. ___s go to school and like to have fun.
4. Many teenagers are so happy when they ___ turn 20.
8. What are the top ___ universities in the United States?
9. A. Tomorrow is my birthday. Will you sing Happy Birthday to me? B. Of ___ I will!
10. If you have ten dollars and spend three dollars on birthday candles, how many dollars are left? ___
12. Are kids in the twelfth ___ usually smarter than kids in the sixth ___?
13. ___s like to visit their friends after they get home from elementary school.
15. The ___ grade is the last grade before kids start college or start working.
17. Kids become ___s when they turn 18 in some states and when they turn 21 in other states.
18. A ___-___ is another word for an "adult."
19. A ___ is a time to blow out some ___ candles and eat some ___ cake.


2. The old man doesn't celebrate his birthdays ___; he says birthdays are for young people.
3. Mary and Nancy are twin ___s; they were both born on January 19.
5. An old man has had ___ birthdays than a young man.
6. Is Harvard the ___ one university in the United States? Is Yale ___ two?
7. People celebrate their birthday once a ___.
10. She doesn't want to feel older, so she tells everyone she's ___ 39.
11. People can buy cheap birthday gifts at dollar stores and ___ty-___ cent stores.
14. He blew out ___ the birthday candles and his twin brother blew out the other ___.
16. Everyone at the table sang ___ Birthday to her. Then she blew out the birthday candles.