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1. Cars have loud horns. Drivers ___ their horns. Clowns ___ their horns.
3. Clowns honk their ___s to make kids laugh.
4. She was ___d because she was going to the exciting circus.
10. A circus has funny ___s with big shoes and big, red noses.
11. Can you ___ what I want to be when I grow up?


2. A clown has big lips and a big, red ___.
3. Clowns wear funny ___s on their heads.
5. A ___ has funny clowns and big elephants.
6. A clown's shoes and hats are ___-looking. They make kids laugh.
7. Most kids ___ at the funny clowns. But some kids cry because clowns scare them.
8. A clown paints his ___ so he looks funny.
9. A horn is ___. A horn wakes people up.