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2. He is a good little ___. He listens to his mother.
3. He does what his ___ says because she is his mom.
6. His mother never has to ___ anything to him more than one time.
8. He is his mother's best ___. He is her only ___. She has no other ___ren.
10. If a ___ hurts, you have a ___ache. See a dentist.
11. She tells him one time. She doesn't tell him ___.


1. He does ___ his mother says. ___ a good boy he is!
2. He ___es his teeth with a tooth___.
4. He is an ___ child. He has no brothers or sisters.
5. Every night he sleeps in his ___.
7. He is ___ a good boy. He is never a bad boy.
9. He ___s to his mother. He does what she says.