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14. One time, three brothers were riding along in the front seat of a car. The driver dropped his cigarette on the car floor and reached down to pick it up. His eyes were on the floor mat, not on the road. The car veered into the opposing lane. Seeing this, the middle brother put his hands to his face and screamed. The brother riding shotgun reached over the middle brother and grabbed the steering wheel just in time to get the car back onto the road, avoiding a big roadside tree.

The middle brother had panicked; he had frozen. The other brother had done the common sense thing—grab the steering wheel. He acted rationally in what was a life or death emergency. There are people who freeze, and people who act. In an emergency, you want to be, or be with, the actor. But you're not locked in—people can change. A watcher in one emergency can be a doer in another emergency, especially if he decides that he's going to be a doer. It all starts in your mind, doesn't it? Who are you? It's your decision. 4.6, 190


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