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13. The other night, a woman found herself too close to the railroad tracks as a train approached. The railroad crossing arms had already come down on either side of the tracks. Her car was between the arms, but it wasn't on the tracks. She got out of her car to look at the plastic arm that was lying on top of the rear of her car. Perhaps wanting to get the arm off her car, she got back into her car and pulled forward.

But instead of pulling just a foot forward, she pulled so far forward that the middle of her car sat on the tracks. The train hit her car, killing her. Why did she pull so far forward? Why didn't she just wait till the train had passed? Nobody will ever know. Perhaps she panicked. Many people, when they get really nervous or scared, act irrationally or not at all. Common sense seems to go out the window. Even if they survive a life or death event through luck or the action of others, they feel that they can't depend on themselves in future emergencies. 4.6, 189


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