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11. On the news, they just said the "blizzard warning" starts at 1 p.m. It's 12:05 p.m. right now. Many people are buying snow shovels and emergency supplies at supermarkets and other stores right now. Some schools are letting kids out a little early, I hear. Nobody expects schools to be open tomorrow. It's supposed to be freezing weather through Sunday, so the snow won't be melting. It's just going to sit there for a week or more. With strong winds, I hope there won't be any more flooding. There are so many people who still have homes not fully repaired from Sandy over two years ago. Then, there's the worry about power getting knocked out. Manhattan has mostly underground wiring, but the other boroughs are susceptible to high winds damaging power lines.

That's why people without generators need batteries, flashlights, lots of water, and other supplies, just in case the power goes out. Speaking of which, I completely forgot to buy the 9‐volt batteries. I still have time to buy them, but I'm too lazy to bother. I'm starting to see snowflakes drift outside my windows right now. They weren't there a minute ago. Governor Cuomo is on the air telling us not to take this storm lightly. It's amazing how our elected, and other, officials, take on the Parent role, isn't it? Are we stupid? Who takes reports of an incoming blizzard lightly? Well, true, some people do. There are always that 10 percent, I call it, whom you can depend on to do something stupid, reckless, etc., and no amount of parental advice is going to wake these people up.

Gov. Cuomo just said state employees will be released at 3 p.m. Normal rail service will end between 7 and 8 p.m. so they can put the subway cars to bed, where they won't get "injured" by the storm. Whoo! These snowflakes are at least double the number they were a few minutes ago. Maybe instead of 1 p.m., how about 12:18 p.m. for the time that the storm hits NYC—well, hits Sheepshead Bay, to be more exact. These snowflakes are interesting. They seem to be generally traveling east. But they're also going up and sideways more than down. That's funny. Now the wind seems to be blowing stronger, as the flakes are moving much faster. Sometimes there are groups of flakes that remind me of schools of fish, like where you see the fish all change direction at the same time. School of flakes, maybe? 6.0, 421


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