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5. I quit smoking when I turned 50. It was cold turkey. Enough was enough. I had a constant, phlegmy cough. I had a constant, bad taste in my mouth. And cigarettes were no longer 20 cents a pack. Nowadays, I'm like a lot of ex‐smokers—I can't stand the smell of cigarettes. To me, cigarettes stink worse than day‐old, sidewalk urine. Is any other habit in the world more filthy than smoking? Or more addictive? I bet 90 percent of the world's smokers would quit today if a magic SmokeNoMore pill existed. The other 10 percent are the hard‐core smokers. They love to smoke! They love the feel, the flavor, the lighting, the inhaling, the exhaling, the cool look, the movie star look, the smoke rings, and even the ashtrays. They love opening a fresh pack, flicking their ashes, and flipping the butt into the street.

These people will continue to smoke, even when—this day is coming—a single cigarette costs $10. Then, instead of people paying a dollar for a smoke, they'll pay a dollar for a hit. A "dealer" will say, "Everyone gather around. Give me a dollar each. I'm going to fire one up, and all ten of you can take one drag each." I empathize with every smoker who wants to quit but can't. It definitely takes will power. I'm having a similar problem right now. I'm ashamed of myself. My addiction is killing me, but I can't quit. Every single day, I have to have an entire handful—of my M&Ms! 4.7, 262


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