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3. I was walking toward the B46 bus stop on the NE corner of Ocean and Avenue Z today at about 3:45. It was a beautiful, blue sky and white clouds day, with little wind. Thankfully, because wind would have changed 28 degrees to 18. It was definitely a hands in your pockets day. I was about 150 yards from the bus stop when the bus pulled up and started loading passengers. I quickly crossed the street to see if anyone was getting onboard with a wheelchair, but no. I was too far away to start running. The bus took off.

I thought, Oh well, now I can walk a few blocks north before the next bus comes along. As I was crossing Avenue Z, I looked to my left and saw another B46 approaching! Ha! Sometimes you get lucky right after being unlucky, huh? So I got to my doctor's in plenty of time for my 4:15 appointment. Of course, as usual, the doctor saw me late. I cannot remember, in my whole life, a doctor ever seeing me anywhere close to my appointment time. Is there any other profession, besides dentists, where it's normal to be late for every appointment? Can you imagine if doctors ran TV networks? What time would the 6 o'clock news begin? 5.9, 218


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